Cattle Punching On A Jack Rabbit


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New Vein 00:56
No Lyrics.
Proventil 03:27
Lyrics found on Not checked for accuracy. PROVENTIL why can't i get a rhythm? am i working hard enough? bound by the laws i'm given. better keep moving or i'll never catch up! how will i find that rhythm hands tied behind my back? need another puff of my inhaler. gotta have breath if i'm gonna yell back! i'm gonna drown it all out. i'm gonna drown it all out. i'm gonna drown it all out. i'm gonna drown it all out. portrayed by my weak condition. nothing ventured nothing gained. any act is gonna have a victim. it's gonna have loss. it's gonna have pain. (let's count my degenerate ailments...) 1.) got a chronic spasm 2.) got a fractured spine. 3.) got a case of asthma. more bad days than i've ever felt fine. will i mend my broken bones for a chance to break my neck? depending on crutches to catch my balance. the faster i try to run the slower that i get to my destination. (the truth will have to come) as i wait. (the weight adds on) more back pain. no words to hold back. it isn't gonna get much better if i can't pull my weight. slip or fade or step away from the crowd. had enough of grind & trials for now. wanna fight pound for pound. had enough of the sound. drift away now. find a way to tune out. put the blade down.
Well As Well 04:37
Lyrics found on Not checked for accuracy. WELL AS WELL how will i father a minion worth the bother of keeping my glut? or will i falter and never reach the alter where fate is unplugged? am i worth consideration or the plausible elation that comes biting tongues? or will it always be a secret? fine, go ahead and keep it, i've got some of my own. look at that kid, no son of mine. he wreaks of pain and guilt soaked up and stained in his eyes that he cleans with 'serpentine'. rays in his mouth, he'll sunburn. graze where it is hot. burns his throat, will he spit fire or will he learn to stop? i can't calm down or sit back and watch you struggle, but i can just give up on myself. i'll carry a heavy load (on my shoulders) for a pat on the back, or a star on your flag, or just be vocal. it's what it is when it's defined, and goes down smooth with a glass of grime. the conscience shifts to mark the times. nobody's to blame, if they cover their eyes and act surprised. will i father a son? tell me how he will be. will he fall in traps that i have set & placed & scattered all around me? will he reach with his arms? will he pull up his sleeves? have i scared him from work & love & friendship & success that's always avoided me? is it my fault? am i sick, or sick in me? we've all got our own disease. i'm as well as well as i can be.
Lyrics found on Not checked for accuracy. WE'RE NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING ANYMORE you won't spend a minute to try to comprehend, so you will waste a million dollars in a puppet's hand. giving nothing but our best, so we expect consideration. we'll take the role of starving artist if you don't brag and show off to friends; you can carry on immoral horror and pretend you're still human. you should have been caught- degradation needs company or at least the air fare. weak heart beats need saving, strong ones need some space. dim lights need more energy, we're just one light switch away. consider this- you've got us in this mess, you've taken us out of our element. we'll wait for fruit of labor's harvest and just pray it doesn't take too long. we're buried to our necks! are you done with us yet? or will we choke on more? are you done with us yet? "you've signed your name and you're stuck with us, now you're regretting it?"-A "you've got a square where a circle is, is that how your puzzle fits?"-B "you bite the hand that is feeding you? you dumb ungrateful kids!"-A "we'd rather starve if that's the way it is."-B "well, that's quite alright!"-A
TIRED OF NOT BEING AWAY FROM HERE flush out the devils eyes. they say he owns the tide. he's happy to prove them right. (he's only 10% water weight!) to flush out the devils eyes (i've been treading) you might need the sea to rise (for too long). "i've got a reason for my actions." "we're all ears we'd like to know." you'll find that gravity pulls you faster after you let go. you have no need whispering. you feel the need to be free. false oppressive safety ("you're such a bully!"-K) from your own weight you suffocate. you're either selfish or you're passive, ("wait! mine!") they share a blade when carving up your soul, ("please pass the knife.") gravity pulls you harder in directions you first go. the current is still or a hesitant calm a storm is never far away. a fortune(teller) never guesses with cash beyond her arm. let's raise a glass to your sobriety, propriety your hypocrisy knows bounds farther than mine. so how's it feel to pull a watergate? (to be ahead and think you're far behind?) you know we still need an apology, apology you'd free yourself if you'd admit your crimes. just choose a cave and go and hibernate, bi-polar bear reprise/reprisal.
Lyrics found on Not checked for accuracy. FIGHT OR FLIGHT no one's ever really sober go spit it out. cast a spell by what you conjure arouse the crowd. every second second guessing decades of doubt. doesn't matter if you're killing if your goals are shroud. let it simmer capillary. if it bubbles you know it's getting ready. let it simmer let it simmer down. does the grandeur- that you carry- reach the bones of shallow grave ancestry? gotta show them all we're proud! we are the honorary culprits now, we keep the kingdom safe, we are the honorary culprits now, we shoot and run away. heard you're very good in public- strapped up to cash out! poor education is contagious- cover your mouth! a declaration will mean nothing- if it's without acknowledged actions toward defensive crowds. your 'precary'- that you're under, a final drink with "aristotle's suffer", you're just a fixture in your fairytale. awh, is that your cover? is that your weapon? is that the way you stick it in? is that your weapon? ahhhhh! this isn't it, this isn't done, this is important, this isn't wrong. so if it is... let it be done... wave your flag... till it's dawn... for my buried forefathers... wave your flag... till it waves goodbye. is it emphatic to attach yourself to sacreligious crimes? it's not prophetic for a chosen man to kill freely and hide! pain will find a donor, blood-shed more light! magnify disaster!
Welcome Away 04:16
Lyrics found on Not checked for accuracy. WELCOME AWAY the phase, the sound of penitence... i laugh out loud at your attempt at it. is there a meaning among us (of pentagrams)? and if there is a being above us (then slap idle hands). well i felt there was nothing for me to say when you speak with no regard for me. you might have been right about one thing, there is nothing for me at all here, there is nothing for me at all. i fear the end is imminent (but i'll wait and see). you've gone from gold to pretension. hooray for the hands that cheer enough to break any silence they try to hide (away). you've mastered the art of giving up by shaping a vice to bade all your lies. pace yourself, because i want more... we'll need some time to communicate... we'll need some more time to get things straight... it never happens the way they say... convince yourself what you live for.


Follow-up to Before Braille's "The Rumor." After a year on the road, 3 members of Before Braille came home to record songs they had written on the road. This EP was the result.

This album is sold out. Out of print. A full-length version was released by You And Whose Army? Records (United Kingdom) with 5 videos and 4 additional songs. It was titled "Tired of Not Being Away From Here."

Album design by Jason Farrell
23rd album release by Sunset Alliance


released October 6, 2015

Written and performed by Jensen, Patel and Reed at Space 19.
Recorded by Hoag at Flying Blanket.
Mastered by Livermore at The Blasting Room.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Sunset Alliance Mesa, Arizona

Since 1999

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