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no one's ever really sober
go spit it out.
cast a spell by what you conjure
arouse the crowd.
every second second guessing
decades of doubt.
doesn't matter if you're killing
if your goals are shroud.

let it simmer
if it bubbles
you know it's getting ready.
let it simmer
let it simmer down.

does the grandeur-
that you carry-
reach the bones
of shallow grave ancestry?
gotta show them all we're proud!

we are the honorary culprits now,
we keep the kingdom safe,
we are the honorary culprits now,
we shoot and run away.

heard you're very good in public-
strapped up to cash out!
poor education is contagious-
cover your mouth!
a declaration will mean nothing-
if it's without
acknowledged actions toward
defensive crowds.

your 'precary'- that you're under,
a final drink with "aristotle's suffer",
you're just a fixture in your fairytale.
awh, is that your cover?
is that your weapon?
is that the way you stick it in?
is that your weapon? ahhhhh!

this isn't it,
this isn't done,
this is important,
this isn't wrong.
so if it is... let it be done...

wave your flag...
till it's dawn...
for my buried forefathers...
wave your flag...
till it waves goodbye.

is it emphatic to attach yourself
to sacreligious crimes?
it's not prophetic for a chosen man
to kill freely and hide!

pain will find a donor,
blood-shed more light!
magnify disaster!


from Cattle Punching On A Jack Rabbit, released October 6, 2015




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