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Autistic Flow


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    releases November 11, 2022

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ARTIST: BENINEM ALBUM: AUTISTIC FLOW SONG: DINE OUT aka I LOVE BEING HAPPY It’s been hard to release myself of thoughts deep inside the cranium Because the ooze of all this has felt like uranium to my mind I hide myself from the news because it’s so bleak to look at how messed up things are You can’t live without chaos going on I wish things were so different The want to be in front of a creek instead of darkness on a screen Really miss thinking back to when goofing off meant everything was fine Not having memories of feeling that are close to turbulence in a plane Just want to be somewhere where friends can dine on good things How does all this danger become what is broken down (to the color of skin or something you wear as a badge--because all this hate for hate only escalates the problem. It could be broken down in another way.) in any other way. I always think of the manger because that is where Christ was born Peace doesn't have to be a weapon or a building on fire, It could be what gives you hope When sometimes days hardly ever appear positive The norm of today isn't what gives a beat it's dire need to exceed boundaries no matter how you want that As if to have hope the silence that comes with years of hostility towards opposition You can only change anarchy by fighting back till the sky turns blue Because all this flipping upside down only takes away what many fought for you You can't burn it because the minute you try, out of nowhere the flag will fly As a clue of what Americans fight hard to keep strong I didn't want to do this, but I've been hiding for too long Hip hop made me woke so long ago So the time has come to bring back what is mental Because thoughts of being lost are over Got to build a house with sides that will never split when a storm comes with strong wind Cause I’m so tired of all that’s going on All over the news, on the radio, friend talkin’ crap About people who are different, and so much more I wish I could wire a radio station and blast my feelings So everybody would hear them, “I love being happy!” When things are good, if all this stuff is misunderstood, then I guess I might have to go get a Laffy Taffy. I love being happy I love being happy I love being happy I love being happy
Happy Birthday Mom
Back In the Day
Twist of the Wrist
Dine Out 03:40
ARTIST: BENINEM ALBUM: AUTISTIC FLOW SONG: OPEN LETTER aka “BROS FOR LIFE” Well, I am back again This one goes out to my friend David P Jensen Years ago back when I was in high school, I remember that I ran cross country and he was on my team, and When I was running, And not doing very well with keeping up with all of the team He, and all the guys came back to where I was And they ran with me, and Helped me to, to push down the way, and Helped me to keep going at it When those times were not so easy And at that time I hadn’t really ran long distance And so To try to push myself to do something that was very hard It was great to have him and all the other guys helping To push me to keep trying And not give up! And then we were really good friends And we hanged out on “Mill,” And we talked a lot And then some years after that I remember seeing him at like a party And he was in a band that was called “Before Braille.” During that time there was a kid that was at the same job that I had And he told me that I couldn’t write a hip hop song So, that’s what I did And then, I showed it to Dave And he took a look at it But then, asked me to read it And so I read it to him And he was laughing really hard But not necessarily like, at me, But at the fact that I had done that And that it was really good And then out of the blue And I had no clue That he was gonna ask me to get up on stage And perform, perform a song! We’d pay all for love And then as time went on His band broke up And I wasn’t sure what I was going to do And then he took off for a bit And then we found each other again And I got to record in a studio With none other than Bob Hoag And we recorded a couple songs, and then Now we just kept with it And it’s been all these years And here I am still today, making rhymes And doing that sort of thing And it’s just amazing to have that And to be where I”m at! And so, ahhh I just wanna say, um Thank you David P Jensen You're one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known And has done so much for me I just cannot thank you enough And being able to overcome autism I can for sure say That I wouldn't have been able to without you And love you so much I’m thankful to have you in my life You’ll always be my bro! And I will always stand with ya And stick up for ya No matter what happens You’ll always be my bro!
Flashing Back To Classic Times
Fruit Loop Run
Late But Keen
JUST ASK JOHNNY The only way to keep hip hop true Is by keeping it real every single time It doesn’t matter how the beat goes ‘Cause the lyrics are clean like a cup that came out of the dishwasher The only way to keep hip hop true is by keeping it real every single time Every single time. How do you like me now? Nobody got to get that extra rinse ‘Cause the beep is neither here nor there No reason to take a cues From those who cling to the static from being all gangster If I had wanted that, why Ice T would be giving me clues On when to say “boom blaw sucker” As an MC I never came from the hood The only thing that got shot was a toy cap gun It never put no bullet into anyone -- Just Ask Johnny Nah I don't see a reason to talk about all the homies down on the block That would only be cool if the gang was jumping some fool Then you might hear somebody say that guy got served up like cream puff Just ask Johnny about that Just ask Johnny about that How do you like me now - Just Ask Johnny But everyone knows the season is only for the outsiders The real tough guys They always beat the rich kids.
Bros For Life


By the king, the warrior, the originator of #AutisticFlow #480areacore



releases November 11, 2022

Songs by Beninem (Benjamin Layne Shill)
Produced by DTalks (David Paul Jensen)

Art by Max.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Sunset Alliance Mesa, Arizona

Since 1999

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