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from Before Braille Covers by VARIOUS ARTISTS



Loyal Wife comments:
‘Low End’ was one of the most emotional songs I’ve ever written. I’ve never talked about the lyrics.
The song was written in the early days of Before Braille. It was probably the 2nd song we ever completed as a band. I remember almost passing out after performing it live the first time. Shortly thereafter I noticed that the impact of the song had helped process the trauma the song was about. I was young, and it was comforting to know that I had a legitimate method for dealing with trauma, even with experiences that were fresh and recent. Each time after that the song held less significance to me, and so did the original event that inspired it. I like that I had Kel Moncado (Saint Cloth) sing the song this time so the story could be given from another perspective. Almost like the “other side” of the story.

I do want to apologize to the band for one incident where I simply couldn’t sing the song. They had to finish it without me.

Low End of Luxury has always been a significant one to me because of the lesson in processing pain and I have been able to utilize the songwriting process ever sense to bring me peace. There is a 2nd edge to this sword, though. One I don’t wish to type out at this time, but I will say that it’s an exhausting process, and ultimately finding peace through a relationship and “knowing” of Jesus Christ is much more lasting and effective.

I don’t mean to be dramatic in discussing the story around the song, I just feel grateful that I found a true method that worked for me. It surprised me. Everything was new and it felt like I was living outside of my body at the time.
Later I found that I leaned on this method of healing too often. And I also found the process so demanding and draining it would cause me to procrastinate writing lyrics until I entered the studio (yes, if you went to shows to hear ‘new songs’ you would be hearing me sing gibberish until the band finished studio recordings. Yes, up to moment before walking up to a microphone in the studio I’d rarely have more than 10-20% of the lyrics figured out—which was always a pain in the neck to whomever was producing—but I guess it is what it is. We’d just have to thread the line.
-David Jensen (Before Braille singer/songwriter)

pardon any typos.



Waiting, stalemate
Collect all your things
For what they're worth
You've got me leaving messages all night

Wedding presents
Postmarked: eternity
Will you return to the sender

You're paced too slow
The price of life

Save a collapsed lung
Take long distance shrugs
Leave a light on
Not a siren

So what's your story
Have you change that too

The ring slipped through your fingers
But still you can't let it go

I'm lost and found
In some low end of luxury
I'll start my packing when you start to fall asleep

It's just the same
As it's always been
I've lost my will for anything

It's not rational
Why you'll go
You wasted life

Hear it in her voice
She regrets her choice
Giving up by nomination

So what’s your story
Have you changed that too
Once more just say it softly

The ring slipped through your fingers
But still you can't let go

It’s a waste of time
It’s a waste of time
It’s a waste of time
Waste of time
Awaits us / It wastes us

It's hard to know what makes us fall apart
It's hard to want to stop it when it starts
It's hard to tell what makes us fall apart
Scars jump at a chance to make a mark.


from Before Braille Covers, released September 10, 2022
Loyal Wife credits:
Produced by DPJ and Rémon Beeftink @ The 19.
Guest vocals: Saint Cloth.

Art For Starters, SESAC



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