The Retaliation For What They Have Done To Us "People Move From City to City"

from In Lieu of the Wuhan Flu by Sunset Ally Mixtape



This song tied with "Ode If It Weren't For Cowboy Dan" for the most votes, but this one was chosen for 2 reasons. 1) Most versions of this song have the secret track attached, which is kind of annoying for some listing purposes and this has been edited for all other purposes. 2) It is impossible to eat soup and listen to this track w/o spilling soup all over yourself. Try it.

The Retaliation For What They Have Done To Us was a secret project that consisted of Dave, Kelly, Rajiv, Brandon from Before Braille. It was a mostly-improvizational jam band that had to secret exist as to not be detected by their record label at that time. The album was tracked live in 1 day and mixed in two. After tracking the album, the ability to improv was made more difficult, and Before Braille became much more demanding on the members' time, so the guys called it quits after only 4 shows. The 4th being their CD Release party, supported by Americopa Mantle.


from In Lieu of the Wuhan Flu, released February 6, 2013




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