Mr Fantastical "Canada, Canada"

from In Lieu of the Wuhan Flu by Sunset Ally Mixtape



"AC/DC Is My Father" edged out "Canada, Canada" in the voting, but we don't care. One cannot be introduced to Jason Corman's madness with anything other than "Canada, Canada." Sorry, we are overruling this vote. Are we setting a dangerous precedent? Yes. Are we proud of this? No. But, we didn't have to tell you we were doing it. We coulda lied. So, at least you know we'll tell you when we flub votes. Have confidence in that, at least. It's more faith than I'm sure many of us have in the current electoral system in the US of A.

Anyway, Jason Corman, is the brains and brawn behind Mr Fantastical (the one-man show!) and he is one of the weirdest and most impressive people we know. But, really he's not that weird until you get to not know him.

This album "Ham Hocks & Guitar Strings" is available online. It could have been marketed as a children's album if it were not for the cuss words. We look forward to more butching, hexing, wrecking and flecking by this man, and we're not sure what that means.


from In Lieu of the Wuhan Flu, released February 6, 2013




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