Hold Up [Alt]

from Hold Up (single) by LOYAL WIFE



Remixed by David Jerkovich (Novi Split, Deep Dream)



If I hold up
If I lean strong against the wind
When the breeze blows me down upon my back
I'll fight upright again

If I hold up
If I smile wide when they offend
And go against the grain enough
I know 
One day it will smoothen 
If i hold up

And it’s more than just a problem
It’s more than just a whim
Admit you never cared about me
Even though you say you did

I’m not impressed by those with power 
Or impressed by those who grin
When I hold up
Then I hold up
If I hold up

Now, if I hold up 
I’m gonna let some light come in
I’m gonna bow my head and simply ask 
Will you help me forgive them

If I hold up
When my fabric is wearing thin
When I’m hanging by a thread
And get tangled up in confidence
If I hold up

I’m gonna scratch and claw for solace
I’m gonna let forgiveness in
I'm gonna try to let it hold me
I’m gonna try to let it win
Because I don’t want to carry grudges
When I’m forced to live under them
If I hold up
Until I hold up

And I’m best when I’m a martyr
But there is no one following
Until I hold up
If I hold up
If I hold up


from Hold Up (single), released November 21, 2017
David P Jensen- Vocals, Guitar
David J Jerkovich- Guitars, Bass, Synth, Harmony Vocals
Tripp Beam- Drums
Jeff Rofferdo- Standup Bass
Vicki Brown- Violin

Produced by David Jerkovich
Engineered by Danny Nogueiras and David Jerkovich
Recorded at The Ocotillo, Los Angeles, CA, 2016.

"Hold Up" single art design by Madi Altman
Album art design by Daniel Bennion, Annelise Jensen, Hendripiss and DPJ.

VIDEO: vimeo.com/sunsetalliance/holdup




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