Dine Out

from Autistic Flow by BENINEM



Music produced by DPJ
Lyrics and vocals by BLS



Well, I am back again
This one goes out to my friend David P Jensen

Years ago back when I was in high school, I remember that
I ran cross country and he was on my team, and
When I was running,
And not doing very well with keeping up with all of the team
He, and all the guys came back to where I was
And they ran with me, and
Helped me to, to push down the way, and
Helped me to keep going at it
When those times were not so easy

And at that time I hadn’t really ran long distance
And so To try to push myself to do something that was very hard
It was great to have him and all the other guys helping
To push me to keep trying
And not give up!

And then we were really good friends
And we hanged out on “Mill,”
And we talked a lot

And then some years after that
I remember seeing him at like a party
And he was in a band that was called “Before Braille.”

During that time there was a kid that was at the same job that I had
And he told me that I couldn’t write a hip hop song
So, that’s what I did
And then, I showed it to Dave
And he took a look at it
But then, asked me to read it

And so I read it to him
And he was laughing really hard
But not necessarily like, at me,
But at the fact that I had done that
And that it was really good
And then out of the blue
And I had no clue
That he was gonna ask me to get up on stage
And perform, perform a song!

We’d pay all for love

And then as time went on
His band broke up
And I wasn’t sure what I was going to do
And then he took off for a bit
And then we found each other again
And I got to record in a studio
With none other than Bob Hoag
And we recorded a couple songs, and then
Now we just kept with it
And it’s been all these years
And here I am still today, making rhymes
And doing that sort of thing

And it’s just amazing to have that
And to be where I”m at!

And so, ahhh
I just wanna say, um
Thank you David P Jensen
You're one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known
And has done so much for me
I just cannot thank you enough

And being able to overcome autism
I can for sure say
That I wouldn't have been able to without you
And love you so much
I’m thankful to have you in my life

You’ll always be my bro!
And I will always stand with ya
And stick up for ya
No matter what happens

You’ll always be my bro!


from Autistic Flow, released October 10, 2021
Words: Beninem
Music: D'JTalks
Mixing/Mastering: DJ Slavy D




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