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Dine Out (I Love Being Happy)




Beninem is the originator of "autistic flow" and the godfather of 480-area-core.

"Dine Out" is about being brave during the pandemic by supporting local business, especially restaurants. It's about standing up to scare-tactics of media and health gestapo who tell you it's unsafe to simply share a meal with friends and family at a local diner. It's also about showing up and showing out, no matter who tells you that you don't matter because you're low on the SJW totem pole or identity politics hierarchy. We all matter. We are all loved. We all share a singular identity and truth: we are children of a heavenly father who loves us all and who doesn't define or confine His love by race, sexual activity, or any other group of little consequence, or no eternal significance.




It’s been hard to release myself of thoughts deep inside the cranium
Because the ooze of all this has felt like uranium to my mind
I hide myself from the news because it’s so bleak to look at how messed up things are
You can’t live without chaos going on
I wish things were so different
The want to be in front of a creek instead of darkness on a screen
Really miss thinking back to when goofing off meant everything was fine
Not having memories of feeling that are close to turbulence in a plane
Just want to be somewhere where friends can dine on good things
How does all this danger become what is broken down (to the color of skin or something you wear as a badge--because all this hate for hate only escalates the problem. It could be broken down in another way.) in any other way.
I always think of the manger because that is where Christ was born
Peace doesn't have to be a weapon or a building on fire, It could be what gives you hope
When sometimes days hardly ever appear positive
The norm of today isn't what gives a beat it's dire need to exceed boundaries no matter how you want that
As if to have hope the silence that comes with years of hostility towards opposition
You can only change anarchy by fighting back till the sky turns blue
Because all this flipping upside down only takes away what many fought for you
You can't burn it because the minute you try, out of nowhere the flag will fly
As a clue of what Americans fight hard to keep strong
I didn't want to do this, but I've been hiding for too long
Hip hop made me woke so long ago
So the time has come to bring back what is mental
Because thoughts of being lost are over
Got to build a house with sides that will never split when a storm comes with strong wind
Cause I’m so tired of all that’s going on
All over the news, on the radio, friend talkin’ crap
About people who are different, and so much more
I wish I could wire a radio station and blast my feelings
So everybody would hear them, “I love being happy!”
When things are good, if all this stuff is misunderstood, then I guess I might have to go get a Laffy Taffy.
I love being happy
I love being happy
I love being happy
I love being happy.


released April 27, 2021
Song by Beninem, aka BLS.
Produced by D-Talks, aka DPJ.

Art by Max.


all rights reserved



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Since 1999

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