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A Cinema Spine (2022)

from The Rumor (2022) by BEFORE BRAILLE



The original, demo version of the song did not include the chorus “When all the bodies fall, do they face the sky…”

“Rest Your Feet, Not Your Eyes” was the title of the version recorded as a part of the “demo-k” sessions. Aezra Records was unsure Before Braille had enough content for an LP, so they gave the band $700 to record 10 songs in 10 days. These sessions can be currently (and temporarily) be found as ‘bonus tracks’ to The Rumor 2002 on our Sunset Alliance shop page.
The term “demo-itis” applied to this song, where one gets so used to (or falls in love with) the original version and the change is hard to swallow. The advice for such a condition is this: don’t listen to either version for a while. Come back to it a week or two later. Then listen to the new version first, and go back to the original demo after. You ears, heart and mind will finally align and you will realize the need for the change. You will accept the improvement. All will be well.

David just felt there was something lacking in the track. It needed a tie-in both lyrically and musically to ‘center’ the song. So, after a rehearsal he sat in his bedroom and wrote at a very simple part that gave the song a more traditional chorus. (That’s the “all the bodies fall” part.) It works so well because the band was very deliberate about all playing down-strums.

We later wrote a video treatment for the song where there was a closeup on all of our hands, playing these down-strums in front of a well-lit bright orange background. The treatment was written by Fabio Jafet and David Jensen. It has since gone missing after the label decided they wouldn’t send $18k on a video for the song. (Original budget was $100k, lol). This was a great mistake and the band always felt it was one of the biggest reasons for the band’s lost momentum in the industry—not having a proper music video. After all the money the label spent on less-effective marketing, there was always this nagging ‘gap’ in the band’s career that could have easily been filled by the 2 video treatments written by Fabio and David. (There was also one for Goodnight Quiet Noise* and a 3rd one primarily written by Fabio, I think for Abracadaver, using a zero-gravity studio in Florida to shoot most of the scenes)

*The “Goodnight Quiet Noise” video might have come with the $18k price tag and $28k for “A Cinema Spine,” I might have confused the two.

A Cinema Spine video started in an old 50’s home with a family surrounded around a television set watching the news. David was cast as a 50’s newscaster, reporting ‘the dailys.’ The video progresses into a few scenes surrounding the town where civil unrest breaks out, centered in an old “Back to the Future” era high school where the band eventual breaks out and plays amongst the ‘rubble’ created by the unruly public/students who eventually join in the show of this more modern-rock expression.

Goodnight Quiet Noise video took place in an old decrepit home. Much of the video would be dark, lit up by flashes of light that accompany the triplet-beat of the song. A figure makes his/her way through this old broken down home into different settings that house the band in different moments of the song. Instruments being played were comprised of ‘makeshift’ elements found in the home.
I don’t remember any of the specifics 20 years later, but this video could have been filmed on a shoe-string budget and really done a lot to help with the bands career, especially to accompany the band’s summer tour alongside Warped Tour. Fabio Jafet definitely had the talent and resources to make it happen. Another opportunity lost.



Just a little bit of feeling in your stories
And I'm ready rearing to go
Just a little bit of grieving in the words you relate
And I'm alright
Crash land, insist
Can't exist on frailty
I always crash land and
Resist exaggerated authority

Just a little bit of bleeding in your stories
And I'd be really wanting to know
How they treat internal bleeding
When they're dying to be
The future glow

All attacks come two by two
We've been gliding so far
Just spinning our wheels

When all the bodies fall
Do they face the sky
To choose which star
To make it home
When all the bodies fall
Is it finally quiet
Or does their last heartbeat
Echo till they're gold

Crash land, resist
Redefine a dire need
Crash land
In this unassuming reality

When all the bodies fall
Will they shun the light
And dust their feet
On brittle stone
And all this time
Is wasted on an assembly line
To keep things plain enough
To be sold

Tell me something to ease my worry
Tell me something to calm me down
Tell me something to prove your story
With a shot of sodium pentathol
Tell me something that's not too late
To deny
Why would anybody treat your right
Why would anybody treat you right

And we already know how the actors feel
And we already know how the actors feel
And we already know how the actors feel
And we already know how the actors feel
And we already know how the actors feel
This time

Tell me something to prove your story
Tell me something before I get home
This romance
This romance
Tell me something to prove your story
Tell me something ‘fore alcohol
This moment
Is this romance?


from The Rumor (2022), released September 10, 2022


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